How eDiscovery Disciplines Intersect with Information Request Initiatives

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E-discovery is not the one-trick pony it used to be. Traditionally, it’s found its home amongst the legal world, but the proven efficacy of this multifaceted solution shines in a host of diversified arenas. Case in point, Information Requests. Let’s take a look at how proficiently this pony performs to fulfill State and Federal FOIA initiatives.  The Problem to Solve:  State and Federal agencies funded by taxpayer dollars are compelled to be transparent about their activities, wherever possible without exposing personal or private / privileged information. Citizens can request information under various freedom of information statutes or open record acts. Unlike discovery in court cases, deadlines for production of responsive documents are truncated, so time and accuracy are of the essence. Naturally, some agencies will receive more information requests than others. State and federal funding is lean,

Announcing Summary Engine

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Document Summarization through Deep Learning Neural Networks. Simplified with Summary Engine. We live in a world of verbose and complex concepts. It's Human Nature wanting to express ourselves for the purposes of education, documentation or even entertainment to our teams, families and friends. From news articles, educational works, and even messages between loved ones through text or chat applications. Not to mention petrified bodies of work like email, expert reports or deposition transcripts. There’s a world of information out there and clouds of words become haystacks obscuring the important or relevant content we need to dig out. Our challenge has become finding the important parts in the corpuses of information around us. The Millennials have dubbed this deluge of copy ‘TL;DR’, or “Too Long – Didn’t Read”. Long copy is traditionally ended with a TL;DR, followed by

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The Case For eDiscovery in a Post Covid-19 World

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2020 will go down in infamy, we can all agree on that. And unfortunately, when the ball descends into the new year, the lasting effects of Covid-19 can not be willed away by mere resolution. Let’s consider how eDiscovery will be an essential component in braving the New Year and the years ahead.    Post Covid-19 posture is everything. This has nothing to do with whether or not you’re slouching right now (but, are you? 😉). Sure, sit up straight, but the posture that I want to nag you about pertains to whether or not your organization is looking and thinking forward, considering the global pandemic. Legal planning and positioning means more now than it did pre Covid-19, and should continue to be in the forefront of the minds of organizations, without exception, for years to come.  Last

Full Service Document Management Services for Legal Teams

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Legal Document Management: An Overview of Platinum’s Services.  Platinum IDS is a full service litigation support consultancy backed by a world class professional services offering. In layman's terms, we work with legal teams across the nation as consultants and subject matter experts in the area of Legal Document Management. Documents manifest in many forms these days, from native work product like emails and spreadsheets, to scanned document images or paper based document representations.  When subpoenas launch in Litigation, the scope of documents required for legal teams to fulfill the request is often overbearing. Platinum’s job is to help secure these documents while making them available to legal teams through discovery.  We’ll take a moment and illuminate some of the high points of this work, although this is in no way an exhaustive list, it should help to understand

Platinum IDS – Top Tier Xera Provider – 6 Years Running

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Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions. iConect's Top Tier Award Winner: Sixth Year In A Row. iCONECT Development LLC, a technology leader that develops intuitive, web-based e-discovery software, such as its flagship review platform, iCONECT-XERA®, is pleased to announce Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions has earned the 2018 Platinum Partner Award for the fifth year in a row. This award recognizes Platinum’s commitment to excellence in litigation support. As a recipient of the iCONECT Platinum Partner Award, Platinum IDS is being recognized for providing an outstanding eDiscovery experience and was evaluated in such areas as contribution to product vision, customer service, engagement with clients to expand eDiscovery knowledge, and joint marketing events. Additionally, Platinum IDS meets a set of requirements for duration as a hosting partner, size of installation, product knowledge and administrator certifications. Platinum level awards are granted to those

Why Cost Confidence? Understanding The Challenges Of A Modern Legal Research Initiative.

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Why Cost Confidence? Exploring All-Inclusive eDiscovery Services with Platinum. Here's an understatement. Confidential data is a certain byproduct of modern business Litigation. It’s also a liability and it’s volume is increasingly unpredictable. Firms need a better way to access, discover, review, produce and secure client data to meet client expectations. Let’s explore these challenges and how firms are addressing them to gain an advantage over their competition using flat rate, predictable and low cost solutions like Cost Confidence. Challenge 1. Data Security. *According to a CNA Professional Counsel bulletin, roughly 80 percent of the largest firms in the United States have experienced a malicious breach. In 2016 alone, the IT consultancy Logicforce found that over 10,000 network intrusion attempts were detected per day across just 200 law firms. The same study found that 59 percent of all email

Analog Litigation Support: Paper Based Services

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Analog, or Paper Based Litigation Services for Mobility, Collaboration or Trial. We’re often surprised that many of our customers don’t know the sheer breadth of our services offering. We truly cover a lot of ground at Platinum, including the paper needs of our clientele. Even clients in other cities may benefit from Platinum's maintained world class document imaging and duplication initiative, dubbed ‘Analog LTS Services’. (LTS stands for Litigation Technology Systems) Why Analog? Because opposed to our traditional eDiscovery or ‘Digital’ services, Analog most often deals with physical, or tangible information formats such as paper, or demonstrative formats like trial boards.  Texas hosts some of the most extraordinary trials in the nation due to it being home to many of the nations top eDiscovery and technology savvy courtrooms. If you're traveling to Dallas for Litigation, Trial or if

3 Reasons Why Traditional OCR Technology Sucks

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Traditional OCR Technology Hasn’t Changed Much in the Past Decade. Just because something is vital doesn't mean that it isn't also frustrating and difficult to use. Optical Character Recognition (OCR technology) has become a mainstay of the legal profession, creating both opportunities and headaches in equal measure. Though OCR is one of the only ways to collect and analyze large volumes of physical (paper) data quickly, it can still be incredibly difficult (and time consuming) to use. In fact, OCR to become one of the most painful and exhaustive parts of the discovery process. Let’s explore why OCR is an outdated technology in need of innovation. 1. Regular OCR Is Extremely Slow While legal tech overall has advanced over the past few years, OCR technology really hasn't changed in over a decade. There hasn't been any driving force

Exhibit Preparation – A Different Type of Litigation Support

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Here's Why Outsourcing Exhibit Preparation Makes Sense Law firms need litigation support for a number of reasons. ESI management, data collection, project management, and document review are all well-known ways in which a lit support agency can assist a law firm. Outsourcing these processes can help lighten the load on legal teams, allowing them to focus on more high-level tasks. One of the lesser-known services provided by litigation support firm is exhibit preparation. This post examines why law firms should consider partnering with a litigation support service for exhibit prep and delves into some of the ways in which these services can assist with exhibit prep. Why Get Help for Exhibit Prep? A law firm should outsource exhibit preparation when: Overloaded Most law firms struggle with resources at some point in their tenure. One large case, piled on

Data Mapping – Why It’s Critical To Modern Business Litigation

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Let’s talk about Data Mapping. More often than not I find that while a company can be extraordinarily successful and well run, it really isn’t ready for Litigation from a data management standpoint. I mean seriously, show me a traditional Information Technology training course that deals with legal hold and archival indexing. :) It just isn't part of the plan for most companies who aren't experienced in Litigation. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world as a trusted consultant. Over the last 20 years I helped put the pieces together to make production deadlines in high stakes Litigation through every circuit court system in the United States. We've worked with companies like GM, Intel, DELL, Samsung and Apple just to shamelessly name drop a few.. As any

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